Tailor-made services based on your market status

Branch services are tailored to your market position and requirements. Our main services are:

Market evaluation including a market study focused on competitor analysis. Competitive products, pricing, existing value chain and market needs and requirements are elements which will be evaluated in order to build the right market entry strategy.

Market entry, offering three options:

  1. Search for distributors or partners within your value chain.
  2. Market entry: Sales outsourcing to own personal or freelance salespeople, Marketing, PR etc.
  3. Establish your own legal business including office facilities, administration services, recruitment etc.

Lead generation through three programmes:

  1. Business profiling – in-depth analysis and reporting on a list of target accounts.
  2. Telemarketing – using our own resources or people from our local network
  3. E-marketing – using e-mail and banners to help build leads as well as your brand and awareness among prospects.

Branch provides a market entry solution tailored to your needs.

Branch is not about pure consultancy. Along with our clients we roll up our sleeves,  “get dirty” and do the job in order to meet our targets.